Adopt or Foster a Rescue Dog

While working to end the dog meat trade and encourage local adoption, we do meet pups who need a forever home. They are our world ambassadors!


In addition to adoption, we also offer fostering opportunities for our pups flying into Los Angeles. If you'd like to adopt or foster a dog on her way to adoption, let's talk! 


Here is the process:​


To adopt, complete the online Adoption Application here. At this time we are only adopting out to the Southern California area.

Adoption fees are $850 for young pups (4 mos. – 12 mos.), $800 for young dogs (13 mos. – 24 mos.) and $750 for older dogs (24 mos. and up).  We are now providing GPS monitored Fi Collars for every DoVE dog.


Rescued animals can be a flight risk and from time to time we receive frantic calls from our adopters about their missing dog. This is a nerve-wracking experience for everyone and occasionally ends in tragedy.  The Fi Collar will help ensure the safety of the dog as DoVE Project will provide the Fi Collar and 1 year of monitoring.

  1. After receiving your application, we will review it as quickly as possible. We often receive multiple applications for the same animal and we carefully review them all. We strive to make the best match possible between the particular dog and the new adoptive family. Applications are not approved on a first come, first served basis. We also reserve the right to deny an adoption application.

  2. After reviewing your application, we will then contact you for a phone interview to further discuss your potential adoption and answer any questions.

  3. Following the phone interview, we require either a home check or photos of your home and yard. We will also request a picture of a form of identification (driver’s license, state issued ID card, passport) for our records.

  4. For dogs that are currently in LA, a meet-and-greet will be scheduled. If it is mutually agreed that this is the right dog for you, you will enter a Pre-Adoption Trial Agreement for 2 weeks, where you will take the dog home on a trial basis to see how he/she fits into your family. If you wish to finalize the adoption, you will sign an Adoption Agreement and pay the required adoption fee.

  5. As we have limited boarding availability, we also arrange an immediate Pre-Adoption Trial upon the dog’s arrival at LAX.  In this case, we will advise you when your potential family member is confirmed for transport to the US with flight details. On arrival day, we will meet you at the terminal for the pick-up of your dog.  You will enter the 2 week Pre-Adoption Trial at this time to see how he/she fits into your family. During that time, we will schedule an in-home visit. If it is mutually agreed that this is the right dog for you, you will then sign an Adoption Agreement and pay the required adoption fee.

  6. If you love dogs but aren’t ready to adopt, fostering is a wonderful way to be the bridge to a dog’s forever home – and get an abundance of puppy love and snuggles at the same time! You will be reimbursed for all food and medical expenses that may occur. Please complete the Foster Application here then we will schedule a phone interview to discuss further. We’re always looking for fosters! 


Prepare to fall in love at first sight!