Happy Holidays from DoVE Project

Happy Holidays! Please note that DoVE Project is operated by tireless volunteers who absolutely love vulnerable rescue animals. We respect their much deserved family time during this winter holiday season. As such, between December 18, 2018 through January 6, 2019, there will be a delay in reply to any new inquiry email, voicemail message, and application to adopt or foster. If you have already submitted an application for adoption or foster before 12/17/18, you will hear back from us by 12/21/18. If you are in a two week trial period and have questions, please email us with your questions/comments at [email protected] Please be sure to indicate “URGENT” in the subject line. If you ar

DoVE Project at the LA Auto Show 2018

DoVE Project was at the LA Auto Show the first two weekends of December! We had an amazing and eventful time showing our puppies who were saved from the dog meat trade to thousands of people. Many people are shocked to hear that S. Korea is one of the “Dog Eating Nations” in Asia. They initially assume these dogs are from China or Vietnam and many gasp, “Really? South Korea?” Dubbed as “Land of Morning Calm” famous for ultra modern technology, home to Samsung, LG, Kia, Hyundai, K-Pop artists, delicious food, rich and beautiful culture, it’s no wonder many people scratch their head about this shameful disconnect. I take this embarrassment deeply. I take this embarrassment personally. Why? Bec

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