International Rescue Dog Day!

Happy National Rescue Dog Day! Today is a wonderful day that recognizes rescue dogs and their wonderful new lives! PetSmart in El Segundo allowed us to use their spacious, stress-free arena to welcome two new DoVE dogs straight from LAX! We were able to unpack their crates in a safe environment and have them run around and meet their new parents. Thank you so much PetSmart for allowing DoVE to be your new rescue partner! Thank you to our incredible volunteer Joe Bahm who reached out to PetSmart and helped form our partnership! In addition, we have so many people we would like to thank. Our application team vets and places rescue dogs everyday and completely volunteers their time and energy t

Help Save Yangsan Dogs

Here we are again with yet another story of a dog farm closure in S. Korea. Unfortunately, due to lack of resources DoVE is not in a position to offer a big help in this wonderful effort. We are turning to all of you for help. This rescue is done by good hearted individuals in Korea. Please help anyway you can. Message us if you want to help, adopt, sponsor or donate. We will send 100% of your donation to these dogs’ rescue and aftercare effort. DoVE is not directly involved in this project. However, if you make a donation to us through or [email protected] via PayPal with indication Yangsan, we will send 100% to the rescuers in Korea. You can by clicking here -> DONA

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