Many of our rescue dogs come from the barbaric dog meat trade in S. Korea. Many have experienced extreme neglect, abuse, and abandonment. We ask our adopters to take into consideration that pets require a lifelong commitment of 10-15 years. Future life changes such as marriage, divorce, pregnancies, pet friendly rentals, and career changes must be taken into consideration. We are currently adopting our dogs only to the Southern California area as this is where we are located and can assist if any issues arise. 


Please discuss the possibility of adopting a dog with everyone in your home including family members, significant others, or roommates. We vet our applications thoroughly and we strive to place our dogs into permanent, loving homes.


To accommodate the ongoing increases in international cargo transport costs, as of 01/15/21, our adoption fees will be raised by $100. DoVE Project is a private US non-profit independent organization. We rely solely on adoption fees and donations to keep our life saving operations afloat. Our work will continue with your generosity and understanding.

Effective 01/15/21, adoption fees are as follows:

$950 for young pups (4 mos. – 12 mos.)
$900 for young dogs (13 mos. – 24 mos.)
$850 for older dogs (24 mos.+)

*Adoption fee includes a mandatory, 1 year GPS-monitored Fi collar.



  1. After reviewing your application, you will receive a response from a DoVE Project Adoption Team member as to the status of your application.

  2. If your application meets our adoption criteria for the dog you are applying for, we will schedule a phone interview and ask that you provide us with photos of your home and surrounding outdoor areas if applicable (front yard, backyard, shared courtyard, etc.) If necessary, a home check will be scheduled. We will also request a picture of a form of identification (driver’s license, state issued ID card, passport) for our records.

  3. Pending the full review of the application, interviews, home photos, home check if necessary, a determination of Approved or Denied will be made on your application. If Approved, you will receive a Pre-Adoption Trial Agreement via email and will be required to submit the applicable fees at that time. From there, we will begin to discuss travel arrangements. 

  4. While the majority of our dogs are in South Korea, occasionally some of our dogs are already in Southern California. For these dogs, a meet-and-greet will be scheduled. If it’s a match, you will enter the Pre-Adoption Trial Agreement and submit the applicable fees.

  5. If you love dogs but aren’t ready to adopt, fostering is a wonderful way to be the bridge to a dog’s forever home – and get an abundance of puppy love and snuggles at the same time! During your time as a foster parent, you will be reimbursed for all food and medical expenses. For more information about fostering, please visit:

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