We're Always Here for You with our Lifetime Promise

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted life in the United States and around the world in profound, unprecedented ways and presented more questions than answers.  But one thing we know for sure – social distancing does not apply when it comes to our beloved fur babies!  In fact, we can’t emphasize enough the benefits of snuggling with your pup(s) to reduce anxiety, alleviate isolation and keep you busy and entertained!


At this time, we also wish to remind you of our Lifetime Promise for each and every DoVE pup adopted. As the spread of COVID-19 affects our physical and mental health, safety and possible livelihood, pet owners may encounter unforeseen challenges with their animals. We understand and are here for you.  Temporary or permanent re-homing of pets may be necessary. If for any reason, you are faced with this heartbreak, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We have a roster of pre-approved foster homes and can assist you in finding a safe and loving placement.