1 million dogs are in line to be slaughtered

In South Korea, 70-80% of dog meat consumption is carried out during the summer, especially during BokNal - the three hottest days of the summer per the Lunar calendar. This is an age old practice based on the belief that consuming Boshintang (dog meat soup) on these BokNal days will revitalize one’s health and reduce lethargy. The dreaded BokNal days this year are July 16, 26 and August 15, 2020, and it is estimated about a million dogs will be slaughtered starting early July through mid August to meet the demand for BokNal.


Many in South Korea believe there are two kinds of dogs, meat dogs and pet dogs. Per this belief, meat dogs are no different than any other livestock animals, such as cows, chickens or pigs. Meat dogs are treated as such and regarded as not worthy of being a pet. 


We beg to differ. We have rescued, cared for, and adopted them out to 750 families in the US where they can thrive as a loving and loyal member of their family. 


To that end, DoVE Project is proud to support a group of grassroots activists currently campaigning and educating South Korean citizens about BokNal and the cruelties of the dog meat trade. Your donation to support these activists will help sustain their operations and spread this crucial information about BokNal and the dog meat trade