COVID-19, You & your Pets

Some of you may be concerned about the possibility of COVID-19 being spread between pets and humans. According to UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine: “You won’t give or get the coronavirus to your family pet.  Coronaviruses occur in virtually every species of animal, including humans.  They tend to be very species specific and cross-species transmission is uncommon. The more recently humanized strains of coronavirus have jumped over from the beta coronaviruses of bats.  There is no evidence that coronaviruses of our common veterinary species have entered humans in the recent past or vice versa.”  

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Further information on protecting your pet if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 from the College of Veterinary Medicine at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign recommends: “Since your pet is at minimal risk of COVID-19 infection there are no specific steps needed to protect them from infection. However, pets can have the virus ON THEM if they are in an environment with a large quantity of the virus and could serve to be a source of the virus for other people, including family members. Therefore, to protect other people and yourself, the CDC recommends that you restrict contact with pets if you are sick with COVID-19, just as you would restrict your contact with other people. Avoid snuggling, being kissed or licked, and sharing food. If you must interact with your pet, wash your hands before and after, and wear a face mask.” 

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