Flight Volunteers

We need flight volunteers! If you or someone you know is traveling from South Korea to Los Angeles, please consider signing up to be a flight volunteer and accompany our rescue dogs to the US. We arrange all logistics and there is no cost to you.

Here is what to expect:

  1. Korean Air and Asiana Air allows a passenger to fly with up to three to four dogs in two crates. DoVE Project provides crates, water bottles, all required travel documentation, and pays all fees. 

  2. Once your flight is booked, please send us your itinerary by email to [email protected] with the subject line, “I will be a Flight Volunteer.” We will take care of all transport arrangements with the airline. 

  3. On the day of departure, you will meet our Korean rescue representative at the airline check-in counter. Please note - we recommend arriving 30 minutes before the suggested arrival time set by your airline.

  4. At the check-in counter, our Korean rescue representative will handle the departure documentation and pay all fees.

  5. The dogs will then be transferred with your luggage to cargo.

  6. You will be provided the original health documents for the dogs (please keep these documents safe with you as you will be asked to show them upon arrival at LAX).

Upon arrival in the US:

  1. Complete the US Customs form indicating that you are carrying a live animal(s).

  2. After completing the entry process and picking up your luggage, pick-up the dogs at the Over-Sized Baggage area and present the documents you received when checking in.

  3. The crates can then be loaded onto carts and pushed to the Arrival area where you and the dogs will be met by members of our Airport Team. They will take the dogs from there.

  4. Follow us on Instagram @dove-project and Facebook @DOVEandDog to watch the dogs thrive in their new homes and know that it wouldn’t have been possible without you.


Please contact us email us if you’re interested in being a flight volunteer!