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Fostering with DoVE Q&A


Fostering is such a wonderful way to help support our brave dogs rescued from the dog meat trade. Fosters give our dogs a safe space to stay while they wait to be placed in their forever homes! It also gives them a better chance of being adopted because they are available for meet and greets in the Southern California area. If you are available to foster one of our dogs, we would love to hear from you. 


Please only apply to be a foster if you live in the greater Los Angeles area. 

What do I Need to do When I Foster?

We ask for our fosters to care for our dog until their permanent home is found. Many of our dogs are traumatized and have resulting behavioral issues such as anxiety and skittishness. Our dogs require love, care and socialization while they are under your care. We also ask that you make yourself available for meet and greets or events so their potential forever family can meet them in person!

Where Do I Pick Up My Foster Dog?

All of our dogs are flown into LAX. We will ask you to meet our team at the Tom Bradley International Airport. All of the details will be provided to you after your application is approved. 

How Long is the Typical Foster Period?

There is no "set" length of time- it depends on a variety of factors. The time frame can be between 2-10 weeks, sometimes even longer. We ask that you foster your dog for as long as they need so they are not moved around from home to home.

What Supplies are Provided?

DoVE Project is an official 501(c)(3) organization and run fully on donations and adoption fees. We cover basic needs including food, collar, harness, tag and a bed. If you are able to provide for our dog on your own budget, it is very appreciated! Anything you do purchase for our dog can be deducted from your taxes at the end of the year and we will provide you with a tax statement.

What if my Foster Dog Needs Medical Treatment?

If our dog needs medical attention or treatment, please contact us immediately and we will schedule a visit with our approved vet and the cost of the visit will be covered by us!

What if I Want to Adopt My Foster Dog?

Please contact us as soon as you know you want to approve your foster dog. We would ask for you to fill out an adoption application just as we do with all of our adopters. 

How Do I Apply to Foster?

If you are still interested in fostering a dog after reading the above, we would love to be in touch! Please fill out an application below!

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