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Join our monthly donation program, the DoVE Project Pack Leaders!

We are a group of passionate and determined supporters who understand the importance of providing food, shelter, and veterinary care to dogs saved from dog meat farms in South Korea. Together, we can give our pups a better life.

With Your Monthly Donation, You Can Make A Difference!

DoVE Project provides shelter, nutritious food, veterinary care and lots of TLC for more than 400 dogs each year in South Korea. Many of our dogs are able to transition to loving homes in Southern California, and some dogs remain long term in our shelter overseas. Whether a dog stays in our South Korean shelter for a few weeks or many years, we are committed to making their tails wag.

Your monthly support is a lifeline for our DoVE dogs. Please consider saving a life today.
*de-worming, heartworm preventive, flea and tick treatments
**electricity, water, winterizing, minor shelter repairs, pen replacement

Q: Why are monthly donations so important to us?

A:  Food, fresh water, vet care, shelter, and ongoing wellness care for these dogs do not happen in a vacuum. Your monthly gift immediately provides all of our dogs, whether short-term or long-term shelter residents, with everything needed for the best quality of life possible. 


Q: What is the impact of your monthly membership?

A: In addition to tangible benefits, your monthly membership transforms our dogs from being viewed as “meat dogs” to “pet dogs” in South Korea. With each transformation, we are one step closer to changing the perception that these dogs are livestock. 

DoVE Project is a registered 501(c)(3). EIN# 81-3618975