Our Valentines Day message to all our friends comes from Hope!

As you can see in her happy smile, Hope radiates pure love and joy! And did we mention she's also a fast learner? We are documenting Hope's transition from meat dog to pet dog - a concept that many in S Korea believe is impossible - and we'll be sharing her life with you.

Hope was recently adopted by DoVE's co-founder Claudia Wilsey Bright and husband Kevin S. Bright on our recent trip to S. Korea. Here she is with co-founder Tami Cho Zussman and Claudia at Nami Kim's shelter minutes after she was named Hope.

Hope is a Nureongi, the most commonly used Korean Meat Dog and considered to be the best tasting. According to the DMT, Nureongis are believed to be without intelligence, feelings and personality.

Sending love and gratitude to all our friends this Valentines Day and may your heart be filled with joy and hope for a more compassionate world ❤️

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