Running Water

Running water - something we all take for granted - right?

Until a month ago, one of our Korean rescuers Jinok 오진옥 , a tireless, selfless, fierce yet gentle woman, filled buckets of water, hauling them into her car and transporting them several miles to her shelter. All for the care of dozens of dogs rescued from the dog meat trade - filling water bowls, cleaning kennels. Back and forth, several times a day, day after day. On top of everything, she suffers from chronic back pain.

That all changed when DoVE Project provided funds for a well to be dug and pump installed on the shelter's property. Running water is now improving the lives of these dogs and making Jinok's days a bit easier; enabling her to devote more of her time and energy in her efforts to end the dog meat trade.

DoVE is grateful for our supporters who helped make this possible. And DoVE is most grateful for the compassionate efforts of @Jinok who changes the lives of innocent victims of the DMT every day.

#enddogmeattrade #koreanmeatdogs #rescuedogs

Please join our efforts to bring water to other dog-meat farms:

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