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Waking up at 5:30 am has never been so rewarding. As soon as my alarm goes off, I see a perky, fluffy, white waving tail coming over to greet me. What a way to begin my day!

Words cannot describe the amount of joy and love Mozzy has brought to our lives. We knew that our lives were going to change once we brought him home, but we could have never imagined the impact he has made on our hearts, as well as the hearts of everyone he encounters.

He has now been with us for a mere 3 months, and it has been nothing but incredible moments. It's hard for us to think about how our lives were pre-Mozzy! His personality has blossomed with each passing day and he is by far one of the most caring, loving and easy-going dogs I have ever met. He has had the opportunity for so many incredible experiences and we are beyond lucky to share them with him.

We want to thank you for all of your hard work rescuing dogs over seas, like Mozzy, and know that it can't be easy. The work you're doing has a monumental ripple effect and has impacted more people that I can even imagine. We have a quote in our home that says "Love is a four legged word", and that could not be more true. Thank you again for bringing Mozzy into our lives!


April and Jared

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