Creating Awareness

DoVE Project is here in S. Korea with an American/Korean film crew continuing work on our documentary -"Return of Hope" - an objective, NON-JUDGEMENTAL representation of the Dog Meat Trade.

We are meeting with politicians, academics, dog meat farmers and their families, activists, Korean animal welfare organizations, dog meat business owners, veterinarians, animal behaviorists, Korean celebrities and boots-on-the-ground rescuers. DMT is a complex issue. It is not an easy, right vs wrong matter. It involves culture, tradition, individuals' livelihoods and the treatment of man's Best Friend - our beloved dogs.

We believe that for change to occur, it must come from within the country. Change begins with awareness. Education and advocacy are the tools to facilitate change. "Return of Hope" is being made for the people of Korea. Our intention is to change the hearts and minds of the Korean people through dialogue, education and respect.

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