Luna, our DoVE puppy

Luna, one of our DoVE dogs, is now living the good life in Los Angeles with her forever parents Ian and Dorian! Here's what they have to say about sweet Luna!

It’s been about 4 months now since little Luna came into our lives and stole our hearts. Right away we knew this pup was special and deserving of a joyful life full of beach walks, snuggles, and endless treats. While it took some time to warm up to the idea of being away from her amazing foster family (who are these strangers and what are these new smells?) the unconditional love and loyalty we have earned from Luna is truly spectacular. She is so clever (she learned how to high-five while we were waiting in line for a smoothie one Saturday morning), determined (she had a cone on her head for two weeks after her spay and was not phased AT ALL even when she caught it on the edge of every stair leading up to our front door), playful (every ball is a bountiful source of entertainment and every dog is her new best friend), and innately sweet (there isn’t a single bad bone in her body). Thank you for connecting us with Luna and bringing this shining light into our lives. We are forever grateful!

We are forever grateful to our amazing adopters. Thank you for giving Luna an amazing life! 🕊

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