221 Dogs in 68 Cages!

We are pleased to announce that preliminary steps have been made in closing down this farm!!! The DoVE Project team recently returned from S. Korea where they visited the farm with CARE (Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth). In the 10 months since our last visit, the number of dogs has grown from 150 to 221 and the conditions are even more deplorable. These photos were taken just a week ago.

But the good news is that the farmer has agreed to end the selling and slaughtering of dogs. Boknal 2018 will not be a death sentence for these sentient beings.

The wonderful CARE team is now on premises daily providing the dogs with proper food and water. Water which the farmer never provided for the dogs! They are closely monitoring the farmer’s compliance to his agreement.

This is an important first step but we have much to accomplish. Many of the dogs are in poor health and require immediate vet care. As there are limited shelter options, we must secure proper facilities where each dog can heal and thrive prior to being placed for adoption.

Each of these dogs deserves a guardian angel. You can be that angel. Look into their eyes and consider what you can do for them. 100% of every gift we receive goes directly to changing their lives.

On behalf of 221 dogs on 68 cages, we thank you for your compassionate hearts.


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