Please Sign to Help End the Dog Meat Trade in South Korea



Calling on all our DoVE families and friends. Would you JOIN us signing this critical petition that is asking the government of S. Korea to take an official position regarding slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption? If we have 200,000 signers to the Petition, the law requires the Blue House to adjudicate this petition and render a decision. We are less than 30,000 short but the time is running out!! We must have 200,000 by July 24 or this petition will expire.

The Dog Meat Trade is betting and praying that YOU will ignore this plea. The dogs are crying for your help.

The tide is turning against the DMT in S. Korea but we just cannot wait out for this brutal practice to phase out on its own as it will take decades.. killing millions more dogs.

The time to act is NOW. Please sign this Petition in honor of your sweet DMT survivor you now call your family. This will be the greatest present you can give to your dog.

For the dogs!!!

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