DoVE Project Rescued 80 Dogs from a Dog Meat Farm with the Help of Korean Activists

South Korean 80 Byul-Gyo meat farm dogs are SAFE FOR NOW.

The farmer, who was facing the city’s final order to demolish the farm by 3/1/19 started selling the dogs off to slaughterhouses last week. He had sold 30 and was scheduled to sell another 10 yesterday.

With no help in sight, although DoVE Project is 7000 miles away from these dogs, upon hearing the perilous situation of the remaining 80 dogs, we could not look away and let them down. We immediately contacted our S. Korean activists yesterday and authorized them to negotiate with the farmer to secure safety of the remaining 80 dogs. And we did just that by purchasing them. We would normally not pay for dogs but in this instance, to save these innocent lives from horrors of immediate slaughterhouses, we had no choice.

We then immediately contacted several major Korean rescue orgs for emergency help to take these dogs in. We are hopeful that they will step in to help them. They have to be moved from the farm by 2/28/19.

While we will do everything we can to give each and every one of the 80 dogs a fighting chance at a normal dog’s life, we are helpless without active help and support of Korean rescue organizations. We are waiting for their response we pray will be in the affirmative.

We will keep you all updated as we hear and as we move forward with these dogs’ freedom.

동물권단체 케어 / CARE 동물자유연대/ Korean Animal Welfare Association Korea Animal Rights Advocates

Let’s Save Them All. Compassion Knows No Border.

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