Byulgyo dog rescues are available for adoption!

We brought 10 dogs from Korea thanks to the generosity of two amazing flight volunteers who brought 5 dogs each! They each brought two kennels with two dogs each in the cargo area and one on board. That is some extreme dedication!

Remember Byulgyo Dog Farm incident in February? The rescues from the farm are here too!!!! These dogs are available for adoption.


Here is what her loving foster has to say about her.

"Caelynn is shy and slowly warming up. She is sweet and enjoys curling up in your arms. Jindos have been described as cat-like, and Caelynn physically moves like a cat—people thought I had a cat on a leash! She is small, and will most likely stay close to her current weight. She would do well in a home where she can bond closely with humans, as she hasn’t had much exposure normal human interaction."


Here is what her foster has to say about her!

"Starlet is adapting very well. She is so sweet and is becoming super energetic and playful. She's much more confident in our house/yard. The first day she was so afraid of everything; didn't want to go through any doorways (it took a couple hours of treats/coaxing to get her to go into our backyard and then another hour to get her to come back inside) and now she's fine with it. We couldn't walk by her when she was lying down without her jumping up to move away and now she's more relaxed and trusting of us.

She loves cheddar cheese! We use tiny chunks for treats and training. She's pretty good at "sit" and is learning "down" and "wait". We've also been practicing walking with the leash (in prep for neighborhood walks) and we're up to a few minutes a couple times a day and she's getting a lot more comfortable with the concept.She's eating great and is completely house trained. We've had ZERO issues with toileting!!! I'm very impressed with her.

She usually sleeps on the floor (despite multiple dog beds, blankets, people beds) until last night when she slept in one of the dog beds! Starlet is getting better at playing fetch with us, but she'll also run around and play all by herself with toys, leaves, whatever she can find.

She's really good with new people. We've had multiple friends come over to meet her and she's been super sweet every time. Everyone says how cute and soft she is. We are really enjoying fostering her!


Here are her loving fosters. She is available for adoption!

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We also need fosters!!!! Can you guys please help us fostering Jump, Flit, Flutter and Vanessa? Please apply here with our foster application !

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