Help Save Yangsan Dogs

Here we are again with yet another story of a dog farm closure in S. Korea. Unfortunately, due to lack of resources DoVE is not in a position to offer a big help in this wonderful effort.

We are turning to all of you for help. This rescue is done by good hearted individuals in Korea. Please help anyway you can. Message us if you want to help, adopt, sponsor or donate. We will send 100% of your donation to these dogs’ rescue and aftercare effort.

DoVE is not directly involved in this project. However, if you make a donation to us through or [email protected] via PayPal with indication Yangsan, we will send 100% to the rescuers in Korea.

You can by clicking here -> DONATE HERE


🚨🚨NEED HELP WITH RESCUES FOR A DOG FARM CLOSURE🚨🚨- by Annie Hammy, Korean rescuer

These dogs are living in the middle of a field where they are directly exposed to scorching sunlight and pouring rain. Even a couple days ago, it rained. These babies are exhausted beyond imagination and are getting fed noodle soup.

They can't even move their bodies around in those tiny cages, when they stand, their backs touch the top. Even though there are empty cages where these dogs tied outside can live in(to avoid the sun and rain), dog farmer refuses to move them.

There are around 50 dogs on the farm. There are new-born pups who can't even open their eyes yet. The farmer says he specializes in breeding designer breeds. We don't know how and where he is getting these dogs from. But I want to help as many as I can.

A good Samaritan has been able to convince the farmer to relinquish the ownership of these dogs but I desperately need your help in housing them, protecting them once they leave the farm, protecting them and adopting them out.

As many of you know, I already have so many dogs under my care with limited resources and time. I need others to step in and take these babies, not to help me but so you could help them. Please help by sharing. These dogs have been fortunate enough to escape slaughter, but only to have nowhere to go. Please, please give them a chance to live. Please be their hope.

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