DoVE Project is a non-profit organization created to support the end of the dog-meat trade in Asia. We work to raise awareness of what we eat and how it's raised, to support humane action on the ground, and to create sustainable pathways out of the dog-meat trade.

We're ending the dog-meat trade.


We believe that violence against dogs (and all animals) must end. Yet, the dog-meat trade is a complex, cultural and socio-economic issue. Learn the facts, nuances and what we're doing.


Every change starts with a call to conscience and boots on the ground. We support legitimate activists in South Korea and lobby officials to create fair, sustainable policies. Read about what's happening.


Our work brings us face-to-face with DMT victims and we cannot turn our backs, so we find homes for those we can. These brave pups are also the best ambassadors for helping us all understand and solve this issue.

As we do our work with on the ground with activists, meeting officials, or hosting events to raise awareness in South Korea, we meet so many dogs who need safe forever homes.

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