DoVE Project is a non-profit organization created to support the end of the dog meat trade in South Korea. We focus on supporting humane action on the ground and creating sustainable pathways into a more compassionate future.

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Join our monthly donor program, DoVE Project Pack Leaders, to support our rescue mission and efforts. Together, we can change the lives of dog meat trade victims.

Changing hearts and minds through:


Every successful movement starts with a call to conscience and boots on the ground. We support legitimate activists and passionate citizens in South Korea to generate awareness and champion for change.


South Korea's dog meat trade is a complex, cultural, and socio-economic issue. Education provides crucial knowledge for developing new perspectives about the future of the industry.


Our work brings us face-to-face with dog meat trade victims and the inhumane conditions in which they are raised. We rescue these dogs from their inevitable fate of human consumption and strive to provide them with the safe and stress-free lives they deserve.

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Rescue is a core pillar of our organization. We work with activists, rescuers, and local communities to save dogs from their inevitable fate and bring them to safe forever homes. 

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